Commercial Restroom Site Inspection
Rates are as low as $24 per order.

Whether you're in the hotel business, banking, fast food, or any commercial business that wishes to ensure quality guidelines are followed, Velocity REOs can arrive on-site with a qualified field agent with a Smartphone in hand pointing out the good, bad, and ugly.

Orders will include:

  • All customer restrooms. Employee restrooms will not be included.
  • All Toilets and urinals.
  • Close-up of any damage to the walls or toilets.
  • Photograph the trash bins to see if they are overfilled.
  • Two or more photos in different vantage points of the restroom with the widest angle possible so that you can see most of the restroom in the photos.
  • Ceiling photograph.
  • Photo of sink with running water on highest pressure.
  • If there were any foul odors, our field agent will report it in the comment section of the order.
  • One photo of the company sign.
  • One photo of the address of the property.
A summary of the overall condition and cleanliness of the restrooms will be listed in the comment section of the order. Place An Order

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