Private Policy and Terms and Condition in Simple English


A Privacy Policy is there to protect you and your privacy. Velocity REOs, Inc takes your privacy very seriously which is why we are providing you with this Privacy Policy in easy language “Simple English”. This policy will explain, in simple terms, why we collect your personal information, how it is used and advise you on what rights and options you have when it comes to the personal information you share with us. Please take a few minutes to look over this Privacy Policy so that you understand it and please contact us if you have any questions. At Velocity REOs, Inc we want to take every effort to protect your privacy.

Collected Information

Velocity REOs, Inc collects two types of information from your Client account and your use of our services - Personal Identifying Information and Non-Personal Identifying Information. Personal Identifying Information is information that can identify you personally, such as your name and address. Non-Personal Identifying information is data which does not identify you personally, it collects general information about you, like your location or the type of devices you use to access our services, etc.

How We Use Your Information

The information we collect will be used:


We want to make sure you understand the Terms & Conditions before using our services and website, so please take time to review them thoroughly. These Terms & Conditions will help you understand our legal responsibilities and your rights, and provide information regarding our services and actions which may violate this policy. This policy is a legally binding Agreement between our Clients and Velocity REOs, Inc. DBA Velocity Field Services, DBA BPO By using our services and website, you agree to comply with the Terms & Conditions outlined in this policy. Any misuse of our services may result in the suspension of, or service restrictions to, your account.

Photography Services

In these Terms & Conditions, when we say that Velocity REO’s, Inc will take care of any photographic related needs regarding the inside/outside of a property for evaluation purposes, please note that our Field Agents are not certified inspectors nor do we claim that all are real estate professionals. Velocity REO’s, Inc makes no statement to this effect. Any personal information which may be offered is purely opinion and speculation based.

Other Services

Velocity REOs, Inc can provide, for a fee, other services including the following:
Service Fees vary depending on the time and effort needed to complete each task. All rates are listed prior to placing an order

Use of our Services

Velocity REOs, Inc gives you, the Client, permission to use our services within certain guidelines and you are responsible to ensure that:


Velocity REOs, Inc takes intellectual property laws very seriously. We will not tolerate any unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked materials. If a Client is found using any materials which they are not licensed to use, or without the express written permission from the creator to use, they will be given a first time warning to remove the unauthorized material. If this happens again, their access will be terminated. All communications with Field Agents must be done via the online message center. We do not allow Clients to communicate directly with the Field Agents and we reserve the right to terminate our relationship if we find a Client is communicating directly. We also have the right to cancel a Client's account due; sabotaging other client accounts, uneithical practices, misuse of our Message Center, or any other unprofessional behavior.

Service Request Protocol

To create an order for a service request, Clients must enter the following information into the appropriate channel:

When placing a work order, Clients may not add or change the existing photos within the work order. The Client is responsible for selecting the proper service which is needed. If the wrong service was chosen by the Client, and the Field Agent completed that order, the Client will be responsible to pay for the services rendered. After an order is created, Velocity REOs, Inc will prepare the order for dispatch. Once the job is completed, the Client will be notified and payment will become due. An order cannot be changed or cancelled once it has been accepted by a Field Agent.


Velocity REOs, Inc cannot be held responsible for failing to meet time frame deadlines due to any of the following reasons:
If the Client no longer needs our services, due to a delay for any of the above reasons on a Rush Request, then our fees will be waived. Standard rates for non rush services will still apply in these cases.


The cost of each service is provided on the “Place an Order” page from the “Orders” tab, under “Choose the Service”. Velocity REOs, Inc provides the Client with a full cost breakdown of the service fees selected prior to Client placing the order. All Velocity REOs, Inc pricing is subject to change without notice. Velocity REOs, Inc reserves the right to make changes to prices and services offered at any time. Prices are not subject to change once an order has been placed.

Order Descriptions

Full descriptions of all of our services are available on under the Orders tab on the “Place an Order” page. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to select the correct service order. No changes or substitutions can be made to the selected service order. Customizations may only be made, in certain circumstances, which are outlined on the “Place an Order” page under the “Custom” tab.


Prior to Velocity REOs, Inc being able to service Client orders, we must have complete payment details. The order must be prepaid in advance or Client can provide their credit card information on file for payment . Orders must be at least $100.00 per month in order for us to use the Client’s credit card on file. This is non-negotiable. If Client's credit card is declined for any reason, a $15.00 collection fee will be charged, per each failed attempt, to collect funds owed.

Velocity REOs's Field Agents

Client fully understands, acknowledges and respects that all Velocity REOs, Inc Field Agents are hired by Velocity REOs, Inc solely to service the needs of our company’s customers. Clients are explicitly not permitted, under any circumstance, while using or through the use of any of our services, online, by telephone, or in person, or through obtaining Field Agent contact information from or while on our website, telephone or in person, through any type of false identity while on or by using our website, by telephone, or in person, or by any other means that is in any way in connection with, or while doing business with, Velocity REOs, Inc, or through any contact, access or information obtained from, or while doing business on our website, or by telephone, or in person from or with Velocity REO, Inc to directly hire, retain, or solicit in any way any of our Field Agents. If Velocity REOs, Inc determines that a Client has hired or used the services of any of our Field Agents directly, Velocity REOs, Inc reserves the right to charge a recruitment fee of $1500 per Field Agent.


Velocity REOs, Inc will store all photos taken for up to 30 days from the day the order was completed. After the 30 day period has ended, the images will be deleted from our system. Videos are stored for up to 7 days from the day the order was completed. After the 7 day period has ended, the images will be deleted from our system.

Exterior Photos

Velocity REOs, Inc offers a variety of services related to Exterior Photography to suit our Client needs. Please be advised that Velocity REOs, Inc Field Agents are not allowed to trespass on private property. If there are trees, fences, or other objects which obstruct a clear view of the house or property, Velocity REOs, Inc will take the best possible photos under the circumstances, without trespassing or intruding on private property. Velocity REOs, Inc Field Agents will never enter onto a property without the express consent of the property owner or resident of the property.

Vacant Lots

If the service property is a vacant lot (properties without a house/building constructed on it) then Velocity REOs, Inc will provide pictures of the vacant lot property, as well as both sides of the street (right and left) and any nearby street signs.

Gated Communities

If we are taking photographs of a property located within a gated community, or the community itself, we will include pictures of the closed gate, the community sign (if one is within view), and pictures of the other side of the street. We will not allow any Field Agent to follow cars into the grated community.

Meeting with Point of Contact (POC)

The name and contact information of the Client Point of Contact (POC) must be entered in the comment section of the order. The POC is responsible for meeting with our Field Agent at the property to provide them with property access (for example gate or lock box codes or house entry keys for interior shots). Please select your POC carefully. If a POC is needed to assist our Field Agent and they are not available a fee may be charged to the Client. If the POC does not show up for a scheduled appointment to assist with property access for the Field Agent, then the Field Agent will only take the requested exterior photos and leave. If the Field Agent cannot locate the lock box or code box, the POC may be called upon to assist in finding it. A partial credit of $4.00 may be issued to the Client if there was a lockbox or a code box at the property, but it was not plainly visible to the Field Agent.

Photo Sizing

The following photo sizes are available to our Clients for their orders:


The Client acknowledges that the services provided are for a nominal fee and will be undertaken by a trained Field Agent in a professional manner. All of our services comply with standard industry practices. We will not violate any laws, including trespassing laws, while rendering our services.

Submission Practices

Please note that once an order is submitted, it is processed immediately, so it is very important that the correct information is entered on the order. We suggest the Client review and verify the order information carefully before submitting the order, as changes may not be possible after the fact. A fee will be charged for each order that is submitted.

Agreement Summary

This Agreement between Velocity REOs, Inc and the Client is legally binding, and supersedes any previous Agreements, whether written or verbal. No other conditions, which are not stated within this Agreement, will be included in this contract. This Agreement can only be changed under the following conditions: The Client agrees that they are responsible for any balances owed to Velocity REOs, Inc for the completion of orders, services rendered or fines and fees due, which were accrued during the working relationship between Velocity REOs, Inc and the Client. Any notices regarding this Agreement must be made in writing and sent to Velocity REOs, Inc either by email or postal service.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Florida. Exclusive venue for any disputes or litigation will be in Manatee County, FL
Last Update: 07/29/2019