Our Services

Field Photography Services

Velocity REOS can maximize your time and accelerate processing through outsource photography. Rather than the limitations of shooting just a few properties per day yourself, Velocity REOS can provide you with hundreds of properties each day. So, in the comfort of your office and in proximity to staff, internet and phone, you can process each order within about 10 seconds. Prior to placing any order, rates will be clearly listed.

Quick and Easy Order Processing

From a custom web site that took years to construct, placing an order takes just a few moments.
Just follow these simple steps:

  • Place your order through our on-line portal by entering the address to be photographed. Our system will confirm your address is valid via Google maps.
  • Select the service you’d need (interiors, exteriors, etc.).
  • Choose the size of the photographs from our menu. Choose from 480x640 (default), 800x600, 1120x840, or 1280x960.
  • Select if you’d like a date stamp and/or watermark (default is set to no). A watermark can be used to enter your company name, order number, or any comments you’d like. If the watermark is selected, all photographs within this set will be labeled.
  • If you have special requests or comments pertaining to the order, just enter them in the comment section. Your comments will be sent directly to the contractor receiving the order.
  • Need to enter many orders? Our new Multi Job page allows you to enter up to 100 orders at the same time.
  • Have employees? Organize your orders by having each employee have their own sub access to your account. Each order placed will show which employee created the order.
  • Have weekly, biweekly, or monthly inspections? One click can allow the same property to auto dispatch as you wish until the property is sold.
As soon as your order is submitted, it will be sent to our dispatch team or be automatically dispatched. Prior to selecting a contractor, we review the “grade” of the closest active representative to the order location. Provided the contractor has a good history with us, he or she will be selected. During each step of the processing steps, you can view the status by simply pressing the refresh button on your keyboard. Once the order is complete, you will receive an email with all photos, plus the complete photo set will be stored in our portal for 30 additional days. From the portal you can pick some or all photographs and email them to anyone, or click and drag the photographs to a file or folder.

Real estate evaluation photography

Rates start at $8.50 per order. Weekly inspections start at $6.50 per order.

We presently offer over 20 predefined Real Estate services. Customers can review all of our services, and choose the set that best fits their requirements. If you are not able to find the best match, you can customize an order by simply indicating the photographs you need in our “Customize an Order” section.

Rental/Vacation Verifications

Rate is only $50.00 per order.
Have you ever looked at a rental brochure that has all photographs of the rental room with all new furniture, tastefully decorated, and with a view to die for, but when you arrive you discover that the photographs were taken about 10 years ago and the view is really overlooking a used car dealership and a gas station?

Let Velocity REOs arrive to take current photographs and list all issues including condition of the pool, amenities, and also report any foul odors in the room.

How does it work?

Before committing to rent a property for short or long term, the renter enters the address of the property and lists the Point of Contact (POC). We dispatch a local field agent to supply current photographs of the property and report the condition of the rental.

Automobile Evaluation/Inspections

Rates are as low as $49.99 per order.
How do you know if the automobile you’re interested in is worth the money and the trip to check it out? We’re the agency that can be your eyes, ears, and even your nose!

Here’s how Velocity REOs (we) can help and give you the peace of mind you deserve for this important investment:
  • We fully inspect the vehicle and provide you with a condition report in advance of any deposit/purchase or travel plans to inspect the vehicle.
  • We provide detailed photographs of the interior and exterior of the vehicle from every angle. We even take pictures inside the hood!
  • If body damage is detected, we measure the extent of the damage so you can fully assess its scope and potential repair costs.