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As the nation’s premier BPO and REO Real Estate Photo Evaluation/Verification company, we have the depth of experience and capability to fulfill your photo evaluation requirements. Velocity REOs, Inc has built a solid network of thousands and thousands of active Field Agents located in 42 states and expanding. With over 2,400 loyal Customers who can attest to our professionalism, our results and our attention to getting the job done right and on time, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice in trusting Velocity REOs, Inc for all you photo/verification needs.

Benefits of Working with Velocity REOs, Inc.

Our custom designed website is specifically tailored to handle the process of sending orders to Field Agents and delivering the images to our Clients as quickly and easily as possible. Most of our orders are sent to our Field Agents within just a few seconds from when the order is placed. Our team of skilled administrators collect the data of each order and use it to develop a Field Agent ’grade.’ Field Agents with the highest grade will be offered the orders first. This clearly means our customer will receive the very best of the best. We also have many backup Field Agents on standby to help out when we experience issues.

  • Please note: There is a one time application fee of $15.00. This application fee is nonrefundable.
  • All information is retained in our secured server and will never be sold or given to anyone. We do not disclose any Client information with or to anyone, any contractor/field agent, or any other company.
  • Our business is 100% Evaluation Photography/Inspections. We simply report the condition of the item/property through images and in many cases, will also include written comments.

Our Clients Are The Best

Our Clients from all around the country can attest to our results. Since they are the very best in their fields, they demand the very best from us, especially when time is of the utmost importance. We help our Clients do their job better. But don’t take our word for it. Read the many testimonials from our satisfied customers. They do indeed trust Velocity REOs, Inc for their Evaluation Photography requirements.


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You guys are the best kept secret out there! I am now working in 3 states and increased by business by 200%!

-JJO Miami, FL

My order was completed yesterday. I don't know who my agent was but wanted to let you know they did a wonderful job. The pictures were clear and professional.

Atlanta GA,

I am speechless! We placed an order in Panama City FL at 12:20PM and received the photographs at 1:25PM - That's 65 minutes later! It saved me a 8 hour round trip drive!

-Arthur Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to say thank you, for the excellent service of staying on top of all the reps I work with in the area's of Southern California. I know from the past, its not a easy job, but the past few months I have had little or no problems. So wanted ever changed or did not change it differently working for me. Thank you again!!


I'm A NC investor and use Velocity to make our initial inspections. This has worked out phenemenally! I am now able to cover nearly the entire state of NC! My inspections are half the rate as before and the speed of service is incredible!

-Direct, Arden NC

In just 3 months I was able to go from 8 BPOs per week to now over 120! So glad I found you!


Website is soooo easy... Even makes sure the address is valid! love it!


I have been in the business of new construction loans for over 8 years now. Throughout these years I have been hiring from craigslist. Ever since I have been outsourcing to Velocity REOS, I am extremely more productive, I no longer need to send out 1099s at the end of the year, I no longer hear about people giving me excuses of being late. Velocity REOS is on time, photos look good and their website is simple to use! I am also saving hundreds of dollars of month. Their rates are less than I what I paid to working directly.


Very professional, fair price, and simple to use.

-JE C-21

What I dreaded most about BPO reports (photographing properties) is all in the past! Excellent service and simple to use. Thanks Guys!


thank your rep for the awesome great service from us - i have had pizza orders that take longer to get delivered to my house...great speed!


I am so pleased with your services. I am now in the BPO business full time with 3 employees. I could have not reached this level without your company.

Bruce - KW

My life is all new thanks to Velocity REO. I am no longer in sales and work only with BPOs. I work from home and now enjoy my home and family even more. I went from putting on at least 200 miles on my car each week to now next to nothing. Cannot thank you enough.


Great service!! I was going to make a trip to North Dakota to buy a potentially a $45,000 RV. Your agent took photos that revealed many issues that were left off the sales listing. This saved me $1300 in air tickets!

Martin Torrance