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Temporarily Not Available
These have opted not to work for a short period of time, they could be away from home (Vacation) or just too busy with other things to go out and take photos. They usually become available within a day or two.

When to request that we look for a rep
If you intend to place regular orders (at least one or two orders a week) we will attempt to find a rep in the area.
Please DO NOT request an area for just one order.

I see a rep in the area why can't they do my order?
Quite often we recruit new reps in the areas you requested. These reps will get one or two jobs, then YOU stop giving them regular work.
The rep will then get disappointed and stops checking their e-mail / text messages. It is very hard to keep reps interested and motivated unless you can send them regular work, this is especially true for small towns where we might only have one or two reps to chose from.

Adding Zip Codes To The Request Form
When you search for a zip code and NO reps are found.
The Zip Code is automatically added to the box for your convenience. Please decide if you can supply enough work in this area to keep reps happy. If not remove the zip code from the list.
You can then search for other zip codes and when you are finished ... Click the "Send Coverage Request" button. We will try our best to find some reps for you.

If you can NOT supply regular work and request us to get reps for an area.
We advertise on many web sites for people to work for us. If they get very little work they may, and often do, put NEGATIVE feedback on these sites.
"This is a scam"
"Don't bother signing up with this company".
Negative comments and unhappy reps makes it difficult for YOU to get your work done and for us to recruite and keep reps active. Please keep the above points in mind before asking us to find new reps.