Example Photos

7 Photo Sample Set

Front of house

Right Side

Left Side

Address Verification (House number)

Street Sign

Street Scene Up

Street Scene Down

A few things to remember...

  • All photos must be clear and level. Blurry photos will not be accepted.

  • Choose one property - do not mix 2 or more different address. In other words, if the address is 1234 Main street, we need all 7 photos to match this one address.

  • Please adjust the settings of your camera so that the resolution is no more than 1600X1200. Anything higher will only slow down your upload speed and may cause time out issues.

  • Your car should not be in any of the photos. In other words, if you take the photos from inside of your car, we should not see any part of your car in the photos. This includes the edges of your window, dashboard, any glass reflections or rear view mirrors. Taking a photo through a closed window may cause reflections from what is inside your car. We will reject any photo with any reflections.

  • All photos must be taken in landscape. If you are not familiar with this term, when photographing, the photo from left to right should be wider than taller. If you supply us with a photo in portrait, your set will be rejected.

  • Photos must be taken in daylight.

  • Address verification and street signs should be as close and clear as possible.

  • Please do not supply the photos with a date stamp. We will never request you to take any photo with a date stamp.

  • Below are examples of good and bad photos. Our standard "Exterior Set" requires seven photos: front of house, right side of house (front must also be viewed), left side of house (front must also be viewed), address verification (mailbox or address on house), street view up, street view down, and street sign.

    Please note:

  • When photographing the sides of the house, the FRONT should also be included. This photo often causes new contractors confusion. Its easy... Go across the street from the property, stand to the side of the house and photograph the property with the side of the house and the front also included. Please review the photo below titled, Front.

  • When photographing the address and the street sign, keep in mind that we need to be able to read it. For REAL ORDERS, If the subject property address is not able to be viewed due to faded numbers or if the address does not appear on the property, photograph the neighboring address and indicate a note in the comment section stating the reason. IE: Subject property did not have the address on it so I am including the address next door.

  • A street scene is used to determine the condition of the neighboring properties or views. These two photos should have both sides of the street in them. Ideally the photo should be taken from the center of the street so that you can see both sides of the street evenly. If the property is in a high traffic area, we do not expect you stand in the middle of the street. Simply stand on the sidewalk, point your camera up/down the street and photograph it so that both sides of the street are in them. The camera should be set wide so that we can see as much as possible.

  • Photo Quality

    An example of a photo taken too close. The WHOLE House must be in the photo.

    Our graphics department can always zoom closer and crop the unneeded areas.

    After Cropping