Thank You For Your Interest

This is a simple and relatively easy way to make REAL extra income.
  • We send orders as they are created to contractors in many areas in the USA.
  • Drive to the locations and simply take the photos requested by our clients.
  • Upload your photos. They will be manually review. Once approved, the order will be sent to your payments page.
  • If you choose Paypal as your payment method, earn $28 or more by Friday at 10AM EST, your Paypal payment will be processed by 2PM EST Friday. Check Payments are issued on the first and third Friday of the month. *

* Third Friday payment must be $28.00 or higher. If not, payment will be released on the FIRST Friday of the following month.

We cannot predict how many orders will be sent to you. Popular areas such as Miami have contractors that regularly earn up to $1,000 per week.

"Is my area a busy area?"
If your home location is not on our coverage map
our clients won't give us the order.

So, sign up now ... we'll let our clients know we can now accept jobs in your area and hopefully you'll start getting paid real soon.

We are FAST payers!

Select Paypal as your payment method and get paid each Friday by:

A) To your Paypal account. We pay the Paypal transaction fees for the deposit. So if we owe you $500.00 you will get $500.00.

B) Check Payment. Wish to get paid snail mail? Payments will be issued on the first and third Friday of the month. Third Friday payment must be $28.00 or higher. If not, payment will be released on the FIRST Friday of following month.
The choice is yours. (If your payment is less than $28.00 we will hold it until the next payday or until the FIRST Friday of each month)

Before applying, read the banner above. If you don't have the requirements, please DO NOT APPLY. We will not send you junk mail, nor will we give out your email address to ANYONE.

         Contractor Testimonies

All testimonies have been created from our contractors and delivered in their own words.

The first 2 weeks orders were slow. I received about 3 orders the first week. The 2nd week got a little better, about 8. It was easy work and they paid on Friday as promised. I have been with them for over 2 years now and the work spikes up to about 30 to 50 orders per week. Slow months are December. some weeks were as low as 15 orders. The pay has never been late. I now get paid on Fridays almost exactly at 1PM through Paypal. Velocity REOs pay the Paypal fees. The most I made was a little over $800 in a week last November, 2012. The job works well with my other job. Sometimes my wife takes the photos while I work at my other job. They are professional and a simple company to do business with. JM Orlando, FL

As a retiree who is still active and was looking for a job that would not only provide additional income and a feeling of self worth, I found both when I became a contractor with Velocity Reos. This experience has been perfect, orders are given in such a way that you can plan your work day, and pay checks are prompt. Above all I like the prompt response to those few questions I might have concerning any assigned job. Looking forward to many more years with a great organization. DS, Lauderhill, FL Primary Contractor with over 4,060 completed orders

The company is a very professional operation. GS, Rancho Cucamongo, CA

I've been doing BPO photos for about 8 months and I absolutely love it. I get excited when I see the orders come in and I do my best to accommodate each order fast and efficiently. I only wish there was more work. It's the best way to be able to earn the extra income our family needs while working a flexible schedule that fits my busy life.
Thank you............... SF, Davenport FL

I like working with your company. The website is well organized and makes updating and mapping properties easy. I honestly don't have any complaints. Everything is great. Thank you. CDC, Miami Beach, FL Primary Contractor with over 1,288 completed orders

The orders I receive go straight to my email on my smart phone. It is also easy to upload the photos on the internet. It has been a great way for me to supplement my income, thanks! RG, Miami Lakes, FL Primary Contractor with over 1,329 completed orders

We have worked with Velocity REOS, Inc. for over one year. Our experience with them has been good. One of the nice features is their agent's web portal which we find user friendly and contains many applications useful to manage our business. Inquiries sent via their messaging system are attended to timely. Their mapping feature allow you to get a good look at the property location even before accepting the job and to link multiple jobs for routing efficiency.. You are in control of your relationship growth as they provide applications to expand the types of business you handle as well as territory expansion. They pay consistently once per week. We have not had one dispute since our start up with them in June 2011. For us it's a good partnership. JP, Punta Gorda FL

I have no complaints as you all do a great job in sending out Work Orders to me and giving me enough time to get them done as I do my best to accept them and get them done as soon as possible and upload them and get them back to you all. In the time that you all have had me as a Contractor I enjoy going out and getting the Work Orders completed as I like going out and seeing different areas. I hope that we can continue our relationship for a long time to come as you all been good to me and I hope you all can say the same back. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to work for you all I do appreciate it. SB, Deltona, FL

Independent Contractor Registration Form

YOU MUST SEND A SAMPLE SET TO US - after you have completed the registration form, you must take a sample set consisting of 7 photos. Using the samples at Examples page - Take a photo set of any house and login to your new account to upload them.
Please Note: WE DO NOT TRAIN. We require you to have the experience to upload photos and able to photograph in 1280x960 (slightly higher is okay).
    To save yourself time, please be sure to read everything stated below.

  • We recruit only Independent Contractors (IC). You are responsible for your own taxes, travel expenses, and insurance (Vehicle / Workers Compensation).

  • When your income reaches $300, we will require you to complete a W9 form.

  • Orders sent to you must be completed within 30 hours or as otherwise stated in the work order.

  • Since there are no set amount of orders given to us each day, we will not be able to guaranty a steady amount of work. We sometimes have no orders within an area for several days or weeks and sometimes we may give you up to 12 to 40 sets per day.

  • Please only apply if you own a quality camera (cellular phone camera will not be accepted), reliable transportation, own a GPS, have a computer with fast internet connection, have the knowledge to upload photos to a website, have the knowledge of digital photography including the understanding of photo resolution, have access to email FROM YOUR CELLULAR PHONE, BLACKBERRY, OR LAP TOP WITH AN AIR CARD, and have excellent communication skills.

  • Please do not call our office. If your samples are approved, we will send you a welcome email.
    New registrations can take up to 2-3 days to verify.

  • Thank you for your time and interest!


Step 1: Minimum Requirements

** Required Fields
You must be 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER

Please enter your Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Contractor Equipment **

Contractor to supply all equipment necessary to perform the work assigned to them. This includes camera, camera accessories, cellular phone, computer, etc. please note: WE DO NOT ACCEPT CELLULAR PHONES FOR PHOTOGRAPHY.
Internet Access **

Contractors must have high speed internet access and be able to receive and send e-mail from the field. You should also be familiar with taking digital photos and uploading them. We do not accept photos attached to an email.
Sample Photo Set **

All contractors are required to submit photos upon completion of each order. At the end of this sign up process, you will be required to submit an sample set of a standard BPO Photo order. We ask that you complete this within 24 hours after finalizing this application. Your application will NOT BE FINALIZED until we have received your sample set. Please note if we do not receive this sample set within 48 hours your account will be made inactive. Please do not call our office asking directions on how to upload photos as we require all candidates to have this knowledge. You can use your own home or a neighbor's home. Instructions will be included upon your initial sign up.
Contractor Payments **

All contractor payments will be processed each Friday by 12:00pm EST. You must login to the site and indicate that you have finished the job and uploaded photos before 12:00pm EST Friday for that job to be included the current week's payments. If your total payment for a week is less than $28.00 we will hold that payment until your payment exceeds $28.00 OR.... We will process any payment less than $28.00 on the FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH.

Contractors must pay their own taxes on income earned and may be required to supply an IRS 1099 form

Step 2: Contact Information

Comcast Email Users... We experience a lot of problems sending email to comcast users. If you have a comcast account sign up for any of the free email sites such as Gmail, Yahoo etc.
Applications with Comcast email addresses may be rejected.
User name: **
Password: **
E-mail: **
NO email addresses (see notes)
Contact First Name: **
Contact Last Name: **
Contact Phone: **
Address Line 1: **
Address Line 2:
Contact City: **
Contact State: **
Contact Zip: **

Step 3: Postal Information

Payments will be sent to the following address.
Postal information same as contact address:
Phone: **
Address Line 1: **
Address Line 2:
City: **
State: **
Zip: **

** By registering as an Independent Contractor with Velocity REOS, Inc., DBA BPO Photo Sets Dot Com, I explicitly agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions (Click here)

Important Note:
You MUST upload a sample photo set. If there is no sample set received, we cannot accept you as a contractor. After registering, you will need to photograph any property and upload this sample set. If your sample set is not received within 48 hours, your application may be voided.

To see a sample set, please click here
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