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Real Estate Photography Services

Exterior Light (3 photos)
Front, street scene, and address.

Exterior Drive By (4 photos)
Front, side, street scene, and address.

Exterior Set (7 photos)
Front, right side, left side, street scene up, street scene down, street sign, and address.

Exterior Set - Subject Plus View Across (8 photos)
Front, right side, left side, street scene up, street scene down, street sign, front across subject, and address.

Interior/Exterior Set
EXTERIOR: Front, rear, right side, left side, street scene up, street scene down, street sign, address, back yard, pool, exterior mechanicals/appliances, noticeable damage.
INTERIOR: Each room, mechanicals/major appliances, garage, and noticeable damage.

Weekly Inspections Fannie Mae (10 orders per week minimal)
EXTERIOR: Address verification and noticeable damage.
INTERIOR: One photo of your choice, noticeable damage.
Comments will be listed of any changes from the week prior.

Quality Control Inspections
Customized to your requirements.

Still taking your own photographs?

Whether you are in the Real Estate BPO or REO business, Private Investor, Bank Asset Manager, Insurance Professional, Vessel Broker, or in a business requiring photography services, Velocity REOS, Inc. can help you. With just a few clicks of your mouse, we can deliver photos to you quickly and professionally. We are in the business of field photography. Our goal is to find the best representatives within the locations our clients are requesting. With a portal that took over 13 months to construct, we have the tools required to deliver photos in most cases, the same day you place the order. Our team which started with just one, has grown into a team of well over 7,500. Let us help you today...

BPO Real Estate Evaluation Photography

Why not focus on your core competence while we handle your property photos and inspection needs? Velocity REOS, Inc. and our team of well over 7,500 experienced and talented photographers will provide you with a top-notch portfolio of residential and commercial photographs. Let us do the legwork for you, professionally, on time and to your specs. By outsourcing your photography needs to Velocity REOS, you will expand your reach by thousands of miles with high-quality photographs to help evaluate your properties. Our business is providing BPO Photo Sets to the Real Estate Professionals.

  • Interior and Exterior Photo Service.
  • At a glance, check order status from our portal 24X7.
  • Choose your photo size, 480Xx640, 800X600, 1120X840, or 1280X960.
  • Date stamp photos by clicking one button.
  • 6 Weekday Hour Rush Service is available in many locations.
  • Email photos from our portal directly to anyone you'd like.
  • Have a question regarding an order? Send us a message from our message center - Its fast and easy.

Commercial Quality Control Audits

In as soon as 24 hours, take delivery of your customized photo audit that provides a summary of pertinent issues such as dirty rest rooms, safety concerns, and overall appearance of any commercial location. Many services are customized to your requirements. Contractors will arrive discretely and appear as a customer. This is an excellent way to assure quality assurance and peace of mind.

  • Use our Multi Order page to place 100's of orders at a time. It will take just a few minutes to literally create 100 orders.
  • Use our Scheduled Orders page to automatically create orders weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
  • Super Rush 6 Weekday Hour Service is Available in Many Locations

Vessel Photography

Attention Boat Brokers and Insurance Professionals. We photograph vessels at marinas, residential houses, and impound locations. All it takes is a few seconds to create an order. Approximately 20+ photos will be sent within 48 hours. If you have specific requirements, just let us know in our comment section.

  • Super Rush 6 Weekday Hour Service is Available in Many Locations
  • Interior and Exterior Photo Service

With a crew of over 7,500 professionals on our team to service your real estate and vessel photography needs.

New Contractors Wanted

Apply today and receive work as soon as tomorrow. We are currently hiring photographers most locations we service. We also welcome all new areas. So if you are looking for work, we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Our highest requested states are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Some of our contractors are earning in excess of $400 to $980 per week.

If you can offer high quality photographs, complete orders within 24 hours, and have good communication skills, we welcome you to join our team.

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