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Velocity REOs, Inc.
The trusted name in field evaluation photography and listing/advertisement verifications.

Real estate

  • BPO/REO photography
  • Bank owned inspections
  • Investment photography
  • Construction loan inspections and photography
  • Insurance inspections
  • Interior/exterior inspections
  • Occupancy checks
  • Notices posted
  • Rental/Vacation verifications


  • Motor vehicle inspection and validations
  • Trucks/Semi trucks
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Bus/Mini bus
  • Motorcycles/ATV
  • RV/Camper/Mobile Homes
  • Boat/Yachts/Wave runners

Site Inspections

Customer Impression Checks
  • Convenience Store/Gas Sation Signage/Exterior
  • Commercial Restroom Quality Control Audits
  • Shopping Center Landscape Inspections
  • Night Signage - Freestanding Commercial Property
  • Night Signage - Shopping Centers
  • Hotel Lobby Impression Checks


  • Customize the photographs you need
  • Auction listings validations
  • Heavy equipment
  • Collectibles
  • Musical Instruments
  • Quality control audits  
  • Progress Inspections  

The process

  • Select one of our predefined services or customize your order by listing your photo requirements in the “Customize an Order” section.
  • Enter the address of the location.
  • Select standard , 24 hour weekday service, or 6 hour weekday daylight completion.
  • Select free options such as date stamp or photo resolution size.
  • Verify the details of your order, then make a payment and submit the order.
  • A field agent with the highest grade closest to the address of the order is then dispatched. The status of your order is displayed in real time on your home page.
  • Once completed, the photographs will be sent via email and also stored in our website for up to 30 days.

Real Estate BPO/REO Agents

You can broaden your coverage to thousands of miles instead of just a few. With thousands and thousands of active Field Agents within 43 US states, we can deliver your BPO/REO Investment photos as soon as 6 hours after placing an order. 87% of our standard orders are completed within 24 hours.

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Facilities Management/Administrators

Whether you're in retail, restaurants, hotel management, or any other business where you would need to verify if a project was done as agreed upon or assure your customers are getting a positive impression, Velocity can be your eyes with a neutral eye.

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Jul-25-2024 4:58AM